Thin Mint Cookie Dough Sandwiches

Thin Mint Cookie Dough Sandwiches

Some people have pathological hoarding issues. They keep everything obsessively, figuring that one day in the far-distant future, whatever it is will “come in handy.” Let me tell you something. It won’t.

Earlier today, my son threw away a broken paper fan. As he was getting rid of it, he eyed the plastic casing for the fan and said, “Maybe I should keep this. It might be useful.” I, the anti-hoarder, made it pretty clear that a broken fan plastic casing would never, in any way, be remotely useful.

Thin Mint Cookie Dough Sandwiches

Now, if I were to hoard anything in this world, it would be baked goods and chocolate. Earlier, I pulled a chocolate-dipped peanut butter Oreo out of the freezer and munched on it. It had been triple-wrapped and frozen since December. But you know, that stuff never gets hoarded for long. Somehow, even with things frozen away, I can’t forget about them.

Thin Mint Cookie Dough Sandwiches

Now that it’s Girl Scout cookie season, you can be pretty dang sure that I’m storing several boxes of GS cookies in the freezer as well. I’m one of those people who pulls out a sleeve of Thin Mints several months after prime GS cookie selling season and serves them to grateful house guests. If a Thin Mint tastes good in Feburary, its cool appeal is even more seductive in the heat of summer.

Thin Mint Cookie Dough Sandwiches

Now, I’m a Tagalong girl, and that ain’t no lie. But these right here are for you Thin Mint lovers out there. It’s a little bit of an extreme approach, but you know I’m all about decadence.

So what’s going on here? Simple. Chocolate cookie dough (egg-free, of course!) sandwiched between two Thin Mints and dipped into white chocolate. Yep. I did that. Feel free to let the binge session commence.

Thin Mint Cookie Dough Sandwiches

These are actually super simple to make, and you can either do fun drizzliness with the white chocolate or you can dunk the sandwich in whole. Or both, in my case. And if you have leftover cookie dough, make truffles!

Thin Mint Cookie Dough Sandwiches

These traveled with me to a housewarming party for some dear friends of mine, and boy, is their new house clutter-free. Seriously not one bit of mess in sight. So I added to it slightly with these bits of Girl Scout madness, and while they could hoard them, my guess is that everyone at the party ate them already. Moral of the story: don’t hoard, unless it’s chocolate. You can make Girl Scout season go a long way!


Thin Mint Cookie Dough Sandwiches


Cookie Dough
1/2 cup butter, softened
1/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup cocoa
1/2 cup flour
1-2 sleeves Thin Mints
white chocolate candy melts (I used Ghirardelli)


  1. In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the vanilla and salt. Finally, beat in the flour and cocoa until all is combined.
  2. Generously scoop the cookie dough onto one Thin Mint (the flat side), and sandwich with another Thin Mint. Run a knife along the outside of the sandwich to flatten the edges.
  3. Put the Thin Mints in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
  4. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.
  5. Prepare the melting chocolate according to package directions. Working quickly to prevent the the Thin Mint chocolate from melting, Pick the sandwich up with a fork, letting the melting chocolate drip through the tines. Use a toothpick to gently slide the sandwich onto the cookie sheet.
  6. Allow the cookie sandwiches to harden. Store in an airtight container at room temperature.


I fulfill many roles in life: wife, mother, teacher, everlasting learner. This site is dedicated to one role that expresses my creativity in ways that I find consistently challenging and rewarding: baker. Inventing new ways to enhance food, especially if that food involves chocolate or peanut butter (or both!), is a passion of mine. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you.

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  1. Gayle @ Pumpkin 'N Spice

    I would definitely be a chocolate hoarder too, nothing wrong with that in my book! These cookie dough sandwiches look amazing! I love how full of mint these babies are. Looks delish!
    Gayle @ Pumpkin ‘N Spice recently posted…Coconut Oil Chocolate Hazelnut SquaresMy Profile

    1. Mir

      Thanks, Gayle! I always want a supply of chocolate handy!

  2. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    I have never had a girl scout cookie before, as they are not a thing over here, but I have only heard good things about them.
    I love chocolate and mint together though.
    Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy recently posted…Comment on Gym Triathlon Challenge by DanniiMy Profile

    1. Mir

      You’d love Thin Mints, Dannii! And they’re vegan, somehow…

  3. Mira

    There is nothing wrong in hoarding sweets in my opinion 🙂 These cookies look so delicious, another genius idea Mir! Need to try them soon!
    Mira recently posted…Chinese New Year With Tai Pei ® AppetizersMy Profile

    1. Mir

      Thanks, Mira! Chocolate is the only thing I can bear to hoard!

  4. Manali @ CookWithManali

    If I were to hoard something, it would be definitely chocolates! We can never have enough of it, can we? These cookie sandwiches look so delicious, very creative!
    Manali @ CookWithManali recently posted…Overnight Cinnamon RollsMy Profile

    1. Mir

      Thanks, Manali! I love sandwiches, I love cookies. Together, it’s great!

  5. Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

    haha, I’m with you. . if you’re going to hoard anything, hoard some cookies and sweets!!! 🙂 love these thin mint cookie dough sandwiches!!! yummm! I love the tagalongs, thin mints and the samoas!
    Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom recently posted…Asian Soba Noodle Broth Bowls for #SundaySupperMy Profile

    1. Mir

      In total agreement with you as usual, Alice! I love Tagalongs best…

  6. Stacey @ Bake.Eat.Repeat.

    Thin mints are the best, I love them! So making them even more decadent is pretty much a stroke of genius! These look amazing!
    Stacey @ Bake.Eat.Repeat. recently posted…Cherry Cheesecake Brownie Bites (Flourless!)My Profile

    1. Mir

      More decadent equals better, Stacey!

  7. Anna @ Sunny Side Ups

    I always stock up and stash away those seasonal yummies too!! 🙂 Lovin the chocolate cookie dough inside–makes Thin Mints even that much more irresistible! Pinned!
    Anna @ Sunny Side Ups recently posted…Homemade Ranch SeasoningMy Profile

    1. Mir

      We all have to stock up, Anna! Otherwise, it’s gone before we know it…

  8. Mary Frances

    I’ve already been dubbed the official binge eater in our family so thank you for the invite, I’m taking you up on that! 🙂 Cookie dough + cookies is the best equation out there and that white chocolate drizzle? *swoon*
    PS I was that hoarder child. Now that I have made it through to the other side, I can safely say, you are right. It won’t ever come in handy. 🙂
    Mary Frances recently posted…Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bran Breakfast CakeMy Profile

    1. Mir

      Thanks for the support, Mary Frances! I just have some strong feelings about hoarding. I’ve seen it do terrible things to people. But chocolate is safe to hoard!

  9. Danielle

    Thin mints are the best girl scout cookie in my opinion! They’re so insanely good just straight from the freezer too. I love that you added a cookie dough middle to these, genius!
    Danielle recently posted…Whole Wheat PancakesMy Profile

    1. Mir

      Thanks, Danielle! Tagalongs are my fave, but I had to make something for the Thin Mint folks!

  10. Rachelle

    These pictures of your cookies took my breath away and left me a drooling hot mess. Genius!
    Rachelle recently posted…Sunny FrittataMy Profile

    1. Mir

      Well, that’s the goal, Rachelle!

  11. Michele @ Two Raspberries

    sign me up for these! YUM 😉 mouthwatering!

    1. Mir

      You got it, Michele!

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