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Chocolate Chip Streusel Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Streusel Banana Bread

I know, I know. I’m on a JAB break. But this was already baked and the photos taken, so I’m posting it. That’s how I do.

Seriously, it’s been a weird week. When I stepped back from the blog, I found out something interesting. A few things, actually. I’ll share them momentarily.

I’ll also share this chocolate chip streusel banana bread, which is heaven. How can it not be? It’s the most perfect banana bread, all filled and topped with chocolate chips and the most delightful, crumbly streusel.

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Welcome to Just About Baked! I’m Mir, the dessert addict behind the blog. If I don’t eat chocolate several times a day, then I find the world to be a cold and dark place. Dessert should always be over the top and decadent. If it’s not, I’m not doing my job!

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