Squash Cheesecake Brownie Bars

Squash Cheesecake Brownie Bars

If I had my way, everything would have brownie in it. Brownies are just…yeah. The best.

So when I entered a cooking contest (and won, brag brag brag) recently and the required ingredient was squash, I had to find out if I could work a brownie in there somewhere.

Result? This li’l guy.

Okay, I admit it sounds a bit unorthodox at first. Squash with chocolate?

But from the gods that brought us pumpkin and chocolate, this idea was born. If I could enjoy pumpkin bread with chocolate chips (yes yes yes), then couldn’t I make squash kinda taste like pumpkin and then go crazy?

And then, if that worked, could we get some cheesecake in there? Because the only thing better than a brownie is a cheesecake with brownies. Ask Ben and Jerry if you don’t believe me.

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