Red, White And Blue Dipped Strawberries

Red, White and Blue Dipped Strawberries

Are you ready to party? It’s almost time for one of my favorite low-key holidays!

That’s right, kids. July 4th is just around the corner, so I’m dipping. Strawberries, that is. Honestly, is anything better than a dipped strawberry?

Don’t answer that question. Instead, think about how beautiful these will be at your holiday celebration, and how fancy they look. Especially think about how little time they take to make! About .02 seconds, really.

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Red, White And Blue Bars

Red, White and Blue Bars

Now that I’m on board with July 4th being around the corner, my kitchen has changed color. We’re looking very patriotic these days. I blame the sprinkles and M & Ms.

About two months ago, I spied patriotic M & Ms at Target. So I bought them, hid them from Kenny, and forgot about them. Until today. If you want a bar that’s as close as possible to white to set off the glory of these holiday-themed M & Ms, this white chocolate base is perfect. It has the consistency of a brownie but it’s made with white chocolate. Holy stars and stripes forever!

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