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Aphrodisiac Cookies (Bakery-Sized!)

Aphrodisiac Cookies (Bakery-Sized!)

Do you remember that urban legend about green M & Ms? You know, the effect they supposedly have on your…ahem?

If we’re being candid, all chocolate has that effect on most women, right? Regardless, the green M & M will always be the sexy one. It’s her lot in life.

It’s a green kind of week. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and while I have absolutely no Irish blood in me, I love the green. It gives me hope for spring.

These cookies came from that sudden hankering for all things green. At first, I was actually contemplating sitting around and picking green M & Ms out of a variety bag. Hey, I have plenty of time, right?

Wrong. Luckily, these mint-flavored M & Ms come in three shades of green and do the trick just fine.

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