Welcome to Just About Baked!
If you are wondering anything at all about the site, please contact me. I’m happy to hear from you!
"Is this your day job?"
Nope! I have two full-time jobs that don’t involve baking. I’m a high school English teacher and the mother of three small kids, one of whom does not like chocolate (is he mine?!).
"Do you bake healthy stuff?"
Sometimes, yes. And I believe in using lighter substitutes if I can. For example, I almost always use fat-free condensed milk and light cream cheese. However, sometimes a recipe just needs that stick of butter. Okay, it usually does. I ain’t gonna lie.
"Do you make savory food?"
Every day, when I make dinner. But for this site, not as often. Desserts are an expression of my creativity, and I like to push boundaries. What some people would consider decadent or rich is right in my happy place.
"Wow, there is a lot of dessert on this site. Do you eat all of that?"
Um, not every last bite, but I do eat everything I make to ensure its quality and then I share the rest.
"What is your experience with taking pictures?"
Well, food doesn’t move, so that’s a plus. But aside from a one-summer stint as a zoo photographer (don’t ask), I have no actual experience. I’m learning as I go. Forgive me.
"What do I do if I make a recipe of yours and it's an epic fail?"
Oh no! Please e-mail me and ask for help. I will do what I can, but tell me what is wrong with the end result. That will help me backtrack and figure out what we’re dealing with.
"Where is the nutritional information for your recipes posted?"
My apologies, but it’s not. I’m an English teacher with very few math skills. Also, I don’t like to think about calories in particular, but instead try to advocate for balance and moderation in food choices. You know, have that yummy salad AFTER you’ve eaten your monster truck-sized brownie.