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Oreo Cookie Dough Fudge Bars

Oreo Cookie Dough Fudge Bars

Sugar high forthcoming. Be warned!

With Memorial Day coming, everyone’s making barbecue and picnic plans. Well, everyone except me. I tend to forget all about it until the last second or just shrug it off, figuring that if worse comes to worst, I’ll just throw some meat on a fire and be done with it.

But for you lovely people who plan ahead, think about this delightful no-bake dessert for your get-together time. These bars are made of egg-free Oreo cookie dough and topped with thick white chocolate fudge.

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Skinny Mini Cookies And Cream Cheesecakes

Skinny Mini Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes

Well, they’re relatively skinny. They’re not Paleo, but they’ll do!

Everyone tries to get all healthy in the new year, but they don’t see Valentine’s Day coming. No siree, not by a mile. So imagine how health plans do when faced by giant heart-shaped boxes of candy!

This recipe lets you have your romantic dessert and still exercise portion control. These little cheesecakes are full of cookies and cream goodness, but they won’t do horrible things to your healthy resolves. Winning!

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Cookies And Cream Cookie Cake

Cookies and Cream Cookie Cake

After doing this baking blogging thing for a little while now, I’ve noticed something about people and their cravings.

As a whole, people like chocolate more than fruit. They especially like peanut butter with chocolate more than fruit, and I agree on that point a bazillion percent. While opinions differ in regards to many cookies, most people can’t resist a really good chocolate chip cookie.

And even fewer people will turn their noses up at anything with cookies and cream. In fact, whenever I make anything that involves Oreos, I have to hide in a corner while a stampede (comprised in part by people I don’t know that well, if at all) grabs at what I’ve done and totally eliminates its existence.

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Cookies And Cream…Cookies!

Cookies and Cream…Cookies!

Yesterday, I was humming to myself while making ganache when the phone rang. It was my mom. Here’s how the conversation went:

Mom: How are you?

Me: Great! I’m making ganache.

Mom: Why?

Me: For a pie.

Mom: Oh. What’s the pie for?

Me: I’m a baking blogger. I bake stuff.

Mom: Right.

It’s a pretty frequent conversation that we have. My mom, a talented and fantastically strong woman, is not a baker. She sees it as a practical necessity at times, but otherwise, she never just bakes because it’s fun, whereas I bake all the time because I love thinking of dessert ideas and seeing where they go. That’s usually the primary reason I hop into the kitchen to create things.

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Cookies And Cream Frosted Brownies

Cookies and Cream Frosted Brownies

I think we all have our weaknesses. Some are more serious than others, for sure. People argue quite heatedly whether sugar is an addiction, and I’m going to ignore all the studies and state with quite a bit of certainty that if sugar’s not an addiction, it sure as heck comes close. Because anything that I crave this much is entering danger territory.

I’ve tried to fight it. I even went two months sugar-free last year to see what would happen. Nothing happened. I didn’t have cravings as madly as I’d supposed, but I also never lost the desire to eat chocolate. So there you have it.

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Cookies And Cream Bark

Cookies and Cream Bark

About a year ago, I embarked upon a kindness project. It’s not much, but I decided to bake something for each co-worker’s birthday. You see, every time someone did me a random act of kindness, I’d just feel so grateful. And kind of guilty, too, because I wasn’t doing enough back. So the birthday baking is my way of showing appreciation for the people I work with, but it’s also my way of making them feel special.

Anyway, this past week, I messed up. An intern’s birthday somehow slipped through my fingers. I promised to make it up to him and he told me that the easiest way to make him happy was to incorporate Oreos into whatever I was baking.

I’ve noticed something about Oreos: they have the same fanatic fan base that my beloved peanut butter cups do. And like any loyal fan, Oreo devotees accept no generic substitutes. It has to be Oreo or bust. I understand completely. I accept no peanut butter cup that’s not a Reese’s.

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