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Fudge Crumb Bars

Fudge Crumb Bars

I sometimes get weary, people. Bone-tired. Can’t-take-it-anymore tired.

Whoops, I lost myself for a bit there. But there’s this thing that happens when you have small kids. It’s commonly known as “stomach flu,” but annoying know-it-alls will constantly tell you that this scourge has nothing to do with the flu. Thanks, smarty pants. Wanna feel what I’m feeling right now?

Okay, that sounded bitter. It’s just that I’ve had, on average, five friendly stomach viruses per year since becoming a mom. And as someone who loves to eat, I always resent the havoc these episodes wreak on my taste buds. Because for days and even weeks post-sickness, my palate reverts to childhood. All I want are chocolate chip cookies, cheese sandwiches and hot dogs. With the occasional sushi roll. Weird.

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