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Chocolate Cinnamon Pastry Strips

Chocolate Cinnamon Pastry Strips

Happy Sunday! Days like today are perfect for pastry. Easy pastry for people with little to no time! I’m already having tons of fun, and it’s only eight o’clock!

Ah, cinnamon and chocolate. It’s one of the best and definitely most underrated combinations out there. Have you ever had cinnamon sugar donuts dipped in Mexican hot chocolate? No? Then you’re missing out, buddy!

Years ago, I went to a super-trendy DC restaurant that is now pretty hard to get reservations for. It’s called Komi, and it’s genius. But I digress. They had a dessert that was fairly simple, but the best food in life is that way. They had those cinnamon donuts and the richest, best chocolate sauce to dip them in. I’ve never forgotten, and that experience is the root of my love for cinnamon with chocolate.

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