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Pumpkin Mini-Bundts With Maple Icing (Gluten-Free!)

Pumpkin Mini-Bundts with Maple Icing (Gluten-Free!)

Some desserts are clearly, obviously good. Nobody needs to advertise them. We’re talking brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake. Everyone loves cheesecake.

Then, there are the desserts that look unassuming and unexceptional, but they blow the popular choices out of the water. These mini-bundts are in that category. You know, the how-is-this-so-good-I-can’t-stop-eating-it category.

And they’re pretty healthy, too! These pumpkin cakes might be a baking miracle. They have no butter (I’m not counting the icing here) and they’re gluten-free. Let’s do a happy dance!

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Apple Cider Donuts

Apple Cider Donuts

It’s apple cider time! My, this is exciting.

With the exception of one twisty road trip through the mountains where I drank a cup of cider right after and things didn’t go well, I’ve always been a fan of apple cider. Not apple juice. Cider. Totally different animal. The alcoholic version is nice, too.

And donuts are just a natural next step. You may have had a fried apple cider donut before, but have you tried the healthier baked version? With a maple cinnamon glaze? Step right up!

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