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Tricked-Out Graham Cracker Crust Tutorial

Tricked-Out Graham Cracker Crust Tutorial

I have a lot of strong beliefs. Here are some:

1) The Indianapolis Colts will rise again.

2) Taking time for yourself is not an act of selfishness, but necessity.

3) Cakey brownies are a crime against humanity.

4) A lot of brides need to stop wearing strapless gowns. Other silhouettes rock!

5) Trying to sleep in my class is an act of disrespect.

6) Hope springs eternal as long as you’re getting enough sleep.

Oh, and here’s another for you: graham cracker crust needs to be tricked out!

What do I mean by that? I’m so glad you asked!

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Butterscotch Cookie Cake

Butterscotch Cookie Cake

I need to stop complaining. Because even though it’s been an exhausting first week back at teaching, I do love my job enormously. My students are so nice! They thank me for teaching them when they leave the classroom, and honestly, that’s just cool. I have to tell their parents how amazing their kids are on Back to School Night!

To celebrate getting through week one, I had to make a cookie cake. A butterscotch one. Because I’ve been neglecting that particular flavor lately, and that just isn’t right. What isn’t awesome about butterscotch?

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